Well Water Testing

 Well Water Testing and Treatment

We offer the most competitive pricing on well water testing and treatment in the state of Colorado. Contact Us today to schedule your free consultation. We do the testing, so you can feel safe with your water supply. We install radon aerators and disinfectant systems for microbiology problems with your well. We offer reminders for any subsequent monitoring. All at affordable rates.

If you own a private water well in the State of Colorado we offer comprehensive testing and mitigation of contaminants in your water. Our goal is to provide Colorado families with clean safe drinking water in an ecologically sound way all at the most affordable rates in the industry.


Radon in Water

We can test your private well to detect if high levels of radon are present. Concentrations of radon in water is given in picocuries per liter (pCi/L) as in the air measurements for radon. Average concentrations of radon in US groundwater is generally below 100 pCi/L but some levels have shown as high as 1,000,000 pCi/L. If your well test shows elevated levels of radon we can install an aeration system that forces the radon gas out of your water by using air bubbles.

We offer the most affordable drinking water analysis, microbiology and radiochemistry testing in the state. We serve all of Colorado. Contact Us

Radon Mitigation

If your well test shows elevated levels of radon we can install an aeration system that forces the radon gas out of your water. Our aeration systems are safe and effective and will make your family feel healthier.

Microbiology Testing

We can analyze your water to check for the number and type of bacteria present. Testing can show if fecal coliform is present and that it is potentially unsafe to drink. It can then be tested to see if E. Coli is present.


Our radiochemistry testing will show elevated levels of radioactive material present in your private well. We can test for uranium, combined radium 226 & 228, which can cause toxic effects to the liver in high enough exposure. If the alpha emitters are high enough a person could have an increased risk of getting cancer.

Well Flow Testing

We provide well flow tests for real estate purcheses and re-financing.

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We are great at what we do

We understand that a customer needs a company that they can trust and count on to do a great job efficiently and with affordable rates. Unlike some of the big box retailers who only focus on the bottom line, we keep our focus on providing the best eco friendly water treatment services to the great state of Colorado.

Our Specialization

  • Water Filtration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Industrial Wastewater

Our Service Area

We are excited to help service your water treatment systems. We gladly service the entire State of Colorado, including Greater Metro Denver Area along with the foothills, Evergreen, Conifer, Bailey, Pine Junction, Coal Creek Canyon, Parker, Elizabeth, Franktown.

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